What are Markers?

A “marker” refers to those times when God stakes down a powerful truth in your life or moves on your behalf, providing the direction you need. God will place these directional markers at exactly the time you need them, not too soon and not too late. 
I was in the midst of one of the most difficult times I’ve experienced as a single mom. Following years of hardship and struggling, I had come to a breaking point. I took a day off from everything and went alone to nearby Arabia Mountain in Lithonia, Georgia. Arabia Mountain is a small granite mountain that is 940 feet high, located approximately 20 miles east of Atlanta. I was desperately searching for direction from God and needed assurance that He was still with me.
My hike brought me to the highest point of the mountain where I saw a strange rock pyramid about three feet high, a short distance away. I walked over to it and noticed another one some yards ahead. When I reached the second identical stone pyramid, I noticed a third one, but couldn’t see a fourth one until I arrived at the third one. By this time I realized they were stone markers leading down the other side of the mountain. The interesting thing was I couldn’t see beyond each marker until I approached the next one. I began making a connection between the physical stone markers and what God showed me next.
While following the stone markers, winding down the mountain path, God began showing me how He’s placed unseen markers in my path all throughout my life. He reminded me of major events He’d led me through and the impact those times left on my life. His assurance that He was still with me guided me through my current crisis, transforming my hopelessness into hopeful. 
My curiosity, along with the markers, led me to the bottom of the other side of the mountain, where I found a small parking lot, a posted wooden trail map, and a small bathroom. This is where I was supposed to park my car and begin the hike, not on the other side, where I’d parked in the grass on the side of the road and fought my way through thick brush to get to the trail! 
I laughed in spite of myself as I realized I had to hike back up the mountain and down the other side to get to my car. I wondered how many times I’d gotten off God’s path for me because I didn’t seek Him first for directions. I wondered how many times I prolonged something because I flailed around before simply coming to Him first.
You make known to me the path of life; you will fill me with joy in your presence, with eternal pleasures at your right hand. Psalm 16:11 (NIV)

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